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mpp(freshmeat) mpp mpp is a GUI (lesstif) frontend to the backend ... Télécharger
mpserv(freshmeat) mpserv Mpserv is an architecture for playing MP3s dist... Télécharger
mptn(freshmeat) Mptn Mptn is a pattern matching library for strings ... Télécharger
mq(freshmeat) mqcontrol mqcontrol gives you control over your mailqueue... Télécharger
mrtg-mica-probe(freshmeat) mrtg-mica-probe mrtg-mica-probe is a modem usage probe for the ... Télécharger
tnef-php(freshmeat) MS-TNEF degenerator the MS-TNEF degenerator is a Web frontend for a... Télécharger
msnj(freshmeat) MSNj MSNj is an attempt at implementing the MSN Mess... Télécharger
msredird(freshmeat) msredird msredird implements the "Telnet Com Port C... Télécharger
mtf(freshmeat) mtf mtf is a Linux reader for the Microsoft Tape Fo... Télécharger
mtsms(freshmeat) mtsms.pl mtsms.pl is a Perl script that can send sms mes... Télécharger
mtxl(freshmeat) MTXL MTXL is a major overhaul of Leonard Zubkoff's '... Télécharger
muffin(freshmeat) Muffin Muffin is a filtering proxy server for the Worl... Télécharger
muh(freshmeat) muh muh is a smart irc-bouncing-tool that remains o... Télécharger
multimeter(freshmeat) Multimeter Multimeter is a simple command line utility tha... Télécharger
multiscan(freshmeat) Multiscan Multiscan is a TCP port scanner for the console... Télécharger
multisort(freshmeat) multisort multisort can merge multiple httpd logs from a ... Télécharger
mams(freshmeat) Multiuser Address Management System/Book MAMS is a Web based Multiuser Address Managemen... Télécharger
musicscript(freshmeat) MusicScript MusicScript is an Open Source music scripting l... Télécharger
musplay(freshmeat) musplay Musplay is a small program that plays simple mu... Télécharger
mux2d(freshmeat) MuX2d MuX2d is a graphical music notation editor whic... Télécharger
mxcrypto(freshmeat) mxCrypto mxCrypto is an extension package that provides ... Télécharger
myguestbook(freshmeat) MyGuestbook MyGuestbook is a simple guestbook that uses MyS... Télécharger
myipsitestatus(freshmeat) myipsitestatus myipsitestatus is a set of bash scripts that ma... Télécharger
myphppagetool(freshmeat) myphpPagetool myphpPagetool is a complete package to drive yo... Télécharger
mysqler(freshmeat) mysqler mysqler reports on how a MySQL server performs.... Télécharger
mzxlib(freshmeat) mzxlib mzxlib is a utility library for MegaZeux and pr... Télécharger
nanocrypt(freshmeat) nanocrypt nanocrypt is a tiny program to encrypt and decr... Télécharger
napyrc(freshmeat) napyrc napyrc is a proxy between the Napster protocol ... Télécharger
ncpweb(freshmeat) NCPweb NCPweb is a simple Web-based frontend to the nc... Télécharger
neatseeker(freshmeat) NeatSeeker The NeatSeeker project provides a simple, all-J... Télécharger
nacctd(freshmeat) net-acct net-acct logs network traffic. It provides a da... Télécharger
netamp(freshmeat) NetAMP NetAMP is your personal MP3 server. It is a set... Télécharger
nethirc(freshmeat) NetHirc NetHirc is a bad pun and a Net::IRC client. It ... Télécharger
netkit(freshmeat) NetKit The NetKit distribution contains the following ... Télécharger
netmage(freshmeat) NetMage NetMage is a Java-based game that lets two peop... Télécharger
netpacket(freshmeat) NetPacket::* The NetPacket::* bundle of modules disassemble ... Télécharger
netpipe(freshmeat) NetPipe Netpipe is a tool to broadcast data within a ne... Télécharger
netsaintconfigurationwebminmod(freshmeat) NetSaint Configuration Webmin Module The NetSaint Configuration Webmin Module gives ... Télécharger
netsh(freshmeat) netsh Netsh is a utility which can display and/or sen... Télécharger
netspades(freshmeat) NetSpades NetSpades is a networked implementation of the ... Télécharger
netstreamer(freshmeat) NetStreamer NetStreamer is another streaming application to... Télécharger
networkattachedsecuredisk(freshmeat) Network Attached Secure Disk NASD (Network Attached Secure Disk) is a protot... Télécharger
networksuperscanner(freshmeat) Network Superscanner Network Superscanner is an IP- and Portscanner ... Télécharger
newnewsgroups(freshmeat) newnewsgroups newnewsgroups is a program which polls news ser... Télécharger
news-stat(freshmeat) news-stat news-stat extracts statistics from news posts. ... Télécharger
news2html(freshmeat) news2html news2html is a program that converts news artic... Télécharger
citi-nfsv4(freshmeat) NFS Version 4 Open Source Reference Implementation A minimally IETF compliant NFS version 4 client... Télécharger
nibblesforncurses(freshmeat) Nibbles for NCurses Nibbles is a remake of the classic Snake/Nibble... Télécharger
nickbot(freshmeat) NickBot NickBot is an IRC bot framework for Perl. The m... Télécharger
nilisntliero(freshmeat) NiL Isn't Liero NiL (which stands for NiL isn't Liero) is a mul... Télécharger
ninjarmi(freshmeat) NinjaRMI NinjaRMI is a free, ground-up reimplementation ... Télécharger
nis-utilsandpam_keylogin(freshmeat) nis-utils and pam_keylogin This package's NIS+ implementation is based on ... Télécharger
nmix(freshmeat) nmix nmix is an ncurses mixer with device detection ... Télécharger
nosh(freshmeat) NO SHell NOSH is a program that logs to a file, or sends... Télécharger
nodupmail(freshmeat) nodupmail nodupmail is a procmail-based filtering system ... Télécharger
noink(freshmeat) Noink Noink was designed as a Web-based image server ... Télécharger
nokialogoeditor(freshmeat) Nokia Logo Editor Nokia Logo Editor allows you to edit nol and ng... Télécharger
nope(freshmeat) Nope Nope is an Open Source, lightweight alternative... Télécharger
nopvec(freshmeat) Noptec Vector Noptec Vector is an implementation of a bitmap ... Télécharger
notify(freshmeat) notify Notify lets you notify the visitors of your web... Télécharger
notifyme(freshmeat) NotifyMe NotifyMe is a small and simple console utility ... Télécharger
notwhoami(freshmeat) notwhoami notwhoami generates a random name, address, pho... Télécharger
nscache(freshmeat) nscache nscache is a simple program to browse the Netsc... Télécharger
nsite(freshmeat) nSite nSite generates site maps for a given WWW site.... Télécharger
nslisten(freshmeat) nsListen nsListen turns a click on a shoutcast or icecas... Télécharger
nstopine(freshmeat) NStoPine NStoPine converts files that are in Netscape's ... Télécharger
nstreams(freshmeat) nstreams nstreams is a program that analyzes the network... Télécharger
nubellclient(freshmeat) Nubell Client Nubell Client is a Novell Netware Client for Un... Télécharger
nuclinux(freshmeat) Nuclinux Nuclinux is a single-floppy Linux mini-distribu... Télécharger
nuitarispromisance(freshmeat) Nuitari's Promisance Promisance is a Web-based strategy game, based ... Télécharger
ntbc(freshmeat) Number Theoretic bc Number Theoretic bc is a fast prototyping scrip... Télécharger
nunenewsscript(freshmeat) NUNE News Script NUNE is a powerful news script which features c... Télécharger
nwd(freshmeat) NWD NWD implements a network block device. Unlike N... Télécharger
nwfiir(freshmeat) nwfiir nwfiir and its accompanying software wfird allo... Télécharger
nycd(freshmeat) nycd nycd is a Linux port of a Thaumaturge demo for ... Télécharger
o2x(freshmeat) o2x o2x converts emacs outline mode files to XML. Télécharger
obsidian(freshmeat) Obsidian Obsidian is an extensible virtual world system ... Télécharger
oci8py(freshmeat) oci8py The Oracle 8 Python Interface (oci8py) is a Pyt... Télécharger
oddas-linux(freshmeat) ODDAS-Linux Open Distributed Data Acquisition System Linux ... Télécharger
ods(freshmeat) ODS ODS (Open Digital Support) is a library and uti... Télécharger
oolaboola(freshmeat) oolaboola This cyber-shamanic noise-maker allows you to m... Télécharger
opaldircommand(freshmeat) OpaL dir command The OpaL dir command a Perl script that is simi... Télécharger
omlcs(freshmeat) OpaL Markup Language Content System OpaL Markup Language Content System is a system... Télécharger
opalmirrortool(freshmeat) OpaL Mirror Tool OMT is a simple script for mirroring Web pages ... Télécharger
openaureal(freshmeat) Open Aureal Linux Driver This is a fork of Aureal's own soundcard driver... Télécharger
openinventor(freshmeat) Open Inventor Open Inventor is a 3D graphics toolkit for deve... Télécharger
openjavaextensions-infobus(freshmeat) Open Java Extensions - InfoBus Open Java Extensions (OJE) provides clean-room ... Télécharger
openjavaextensions-jaf(freshmeat) Open Java Extensions - JAF Open Java Extensions(OJE) provides clean-room i... Télécharger
opencd(freshmeat) OpenCD OpenCD is a directory changer. It will change y... Télécharger
openglclasslibrary(freshmeat) OpenGL Class Library The OpenGL Class Library is intented to be a se... Télécharger
opentab(freshmeat) OpenTab OpenTab is a client/server model used for searc... Télécharger
openuniverse(freshmeat) OpenUniverse OpenUnivers creates a visual simulation of the ... Télécharger
orac(freshmeat) Orac Orac is a GUI tool for Database Administrators ... Télécharger
oracledump(freshmeat) oracledump oracledump is a command-line tool that dumps Or... Télécharger
orbitcpp(freshmeat) ORBit C++ ORBit-C++ is an implementation of the Corba C++... Télécharger
orbitviewer(freshmeat) OrbitViewer OrbitViewer is an interactive applet that displ... Télécharger
oskit(freshmeat) OSKit OSKit is a development kit lets you easily buil... Télécharger
outman(freshmeat) OutMan Outman manages output from command line tools (... Télécharger
overflow-thegame(freshmeat) Overflow - The Game Overflow is a board game for two players or one... Télécharger
pabxmon(freshmeat) PABX Monitoring System PABX Monitoring System is a utility that monito... Télécharger

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