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petittrack(freshmeat) PetitTrack PetitTrack is satellite tracker software for th... Télécharger
anarchdb(freshmeat) Anarch Revolt Deck Builder The Anarch Revolt Deck Builder is a cross-platf... Télécharger
libstroke(freshmeat) LibStroke LibStroke is a stroke and gesture recognition l... Télécharger
pytego(freshmeat) Pytego Pytego is a two-player, cross-platform networke... Télécharger
dmp3find(freshmeat) dmp3find dmp3find helps you to find doubled MP3s (and ot... Télécharger
yourpay(freshmeat) YourPay YourPay is a PHP class that can be used to subm... Télécharger
linxtris(freshmeat) LinXtris LinXtris is a simple Tetris clone. Although the... Télécharger
rnews(freshmeat) Rnews Rnews is a server-side RSS aggregator. It provi... Télécharger
jaxml(freshmeat) jaxml jaxml is a Python module designed to ease the c... Télécharger
intyos(freshmeat) IntyOS IntyOS is a multitasking operating system for t... Télécharger
cmix(freshmeat) cmix cmix is a computer music "language" d... Télécharger
purrs(freshmeat) The Parma University's Recurrence Relation Solver PURRS (the Parma University's Recurrence Relati... Télécharger
zshellscripts(freshmeat) ZShellScripts ZShellScripts extends Zope scripting by allowi... Télécharger
pdftohtml(freshmeat) pdftohtml pdftohtml converts Portable Document Format fil... Télécharger
my_string(freshmeat) my_string my_string is an easy-to-use, fast string manipu... Télécharger
cvs-accesslist(freshmeat) CVS Accesslist Patch The CVS Accesslist Patch is a safe way to keep ... Télécharger
traduki(freshmeat) Traduki Traduki is a free machine translation system wr... Télécharger
hdadmin(freshmeat) Hyperactive Directory Administrator Hyperactive Directory Administrator (HAD Admini... Télécharger
kmerlin(freshmeat) KMerlin KMerlin is an MSN chat client which includes a ... Télécharger
newsql(freshmeat) NewSQL NewSQL is a new database access language. It i... Télécharger
libsx(freshmeat) libsx Libsx -- the Simple X library -- is a lightweig... Télécharger
package-framework(freshmeat) package-framework package-framework is a configure/build system a... Télécharger
python-grimoire(freshmeat) Python Grimoire Python Grimoire is a collection of spells for t... Télécharger
dominigue(freshmeat) dominigue dominigue is a DOM engine which implements W3C ... Télécharger
xgrav(freshmeat) XGravity Xgravity is a program for the simulation of 3D ... Télécharger
ask(freshmeat) Active Spam Killer Active Spam Killer (ASK) protects your email ac... Télécharger
pkgusage(freshmeat) pkgusage pkgusage lists all the packages you have instal... Télécharger
tclrss(freshmeat) TclRSS TclRSS is a Tcl library for parsing/generating ... Télécharger
lucid(freshmeat) Lucid Fried Eggs Lucid Fried Eggs is a web-based notetaking and ... Télécharger
ivideo(freshmeat) iVideo iVideo is multitrack video editing software, cr... Télécharger
checkaliases(freshmeat) checkaliases Checkaliases reads a sendmail alias file, then ... Télécharger
myproxy(freshmeat) MyProxy MyProxy is a privacy-enhancing personal HTTP 1.... Télécharger
cuecat-driver(freshmeat) CueCat driver for Linux Linux device driver for CueCat barcode readers ... Télécharger
dialog-cd-label(freshmeat) Dialog CD Label Dialog CD Label is a Dialog-based application t... Télécharger
jgb(freshmeat) Java Gui Builder Java GUI Builder lets you decouple your GUI bui... Télécharger
eurocheck(freshmeat) eurocheck Eurocheck calculates the checksum of the serial... Télécharger
dmines(freshmeat) DMines DMines is the classic minesweeper game with a d... Télécharger
icradius-ha(freshmeat) icradius-ha icradius-ha is a patch that adds some new feat... Télécharger
uptime(freshmeat) Uptime Uptime periodically requests a page from your ... Télécharger
nexcontrol(freshmeat) NexControl NexControl is a simple Perl program that contro... Télécharger
vida(freshmeat) Visual Interactive Datapipe Visual Interactive Datapipe (Vida) is an inte... Télécharger
phppanoptes(freshmeat) PHP Panoptes PHP Panoptes is a set of PHP utilities to manag... Télécharger
openisis(freshmeat) OpenIsis OpenIsis provides a library and tools to access... Télécharger
kpacman(freshmeat) Kpacman Kpacman is an implementation of the pacman game... Télécharger
itms(freshmeat) Internet Task Management System ITMS uses PHP to formalize the task delegation ... Télécharger
sblim(freshmeat) SBLIM SBLIM (pronounced "sublime"), the Sta... Télécharger
nlcl(freshmeat) Nokia Logo Converter for Linux The Nokia Logo Converter for Linux is a program... Télécharger
bogosort(freshmeat) bogosort bogosort sorts files or its standard input usin... Télécharger
amormd2(freshmeat) amorMD2 amorMD2, "Amusing Misuse of Resources - MD... Télécharger
geekcodegenerator(freshmeat) Geek Code Generator The Geek Code Generator will generate a geek co... Télécharger
bpquotes(freshmeat) bpquotes bpquotes is a quotes database designed for lett... Télécharger
hml(freshmeat) Home Media Librarian Home Media Librarian is an application that cat... Télécharger
free_statistics(freshmeat) Free Statistics Free Statistics records and views daily Web sit... Télécharger
mutella(freshmeat) Mutella Mutella supports all the functionality required... Télécharger
graphtool(freshmeat) GraphTool GraphTool is a graph editor. Télécharger
page(freshmeat) page page is a small UNIX utility for printing a spe... Télécharger
tuxcall(freshmeat) TuxCall TuxCall is a call waiting detector that hangs u... Télécharger
safecat(freshmeat) safecat Safecat copies standard input to a qmail-style ... Télécharger
ensemblist(freshmeat) Ensemblist Ensemblist is a 3D puzzle game in which you hav... Télécharger
zire-photo(freshmeat) zire-photo zire-photo is a simple gpilotd plugin conduit f... Télécharger
nagmac(freshmeat) Network Auralization for Gnutella Network Auralization for Gnutella (N.A.G.) is a... Télécharger
mpscan(freshmeat) mpscan mpscan is a parallel network scanner that check... Télécharger
genopix2d(freshmeat) GenoPix2D GenomePixelizer 2D plotter (or genoPix2D) gener... Télécharger
linrar(freshmeat) LinRAR LinRAR is a Qt frontend for the command line ra... Télécharger
gpdf(freshmeat) GPdf GPdf is a PDF viewer for GNOME, based on Xpdf. Télécharger
cgi-wrap_c(freshmeat) cgi-wrap.c cgi-wrap.c allows you to execute CGI scripts un... Télécharger
inlsplit(freshmeat) INL Splitter INL Splitter allows developers to keep a class ... Télécharger
smls(freshmeat) Samba Make Logon Script Samba Make Logon Script is a shell script to pr... Télécharger
gcalc(freshmeat) GCalc GCalc is a well-rounded mature implementation o... Télécharger
xseg(freshmeat) eXtented SErver Grapher xseg (eXtented SErver Grapher) is a server moni... Télécharger
leverlada(freshmeat) Leverlåda Leverlåda is an X-Chat script to retrieve files... Télécharger
calendarioclass(freshmeat) Calendario Class Calendario Class is a PHP class that helps you ... Télécharger
panoptis(freshmeat) Panoptis Panoptis is a tool to detect and stop DoS/DDoS ... Télécharger
ovv(freshmeat) Online Video Viewer Online Video Viewer (ovv) is a Web-based system... Télécharger
erec(freshmeat) audio recording server erec is a tool program for recording raw audio ... Télécharger
softballstats(freshmeat) SoftballStats SoftballStats is a collection of PHP scripts an... Télécharger
pywiew(freshmeat) PyWiew PyWiew is an image viewer/editor written in wxP... Télécharger
smatch(freshmeat) SMATCH SMATCH is a neat program designed to locate pro... Télécharger
sniffdet(freshmeat) Sniffdet Sniffdet is an implementation of a set of tests... Télécharger
eps(freshmeat) Elgaard Positioning System Elgaard Positioning System (EPS) is a moving ma... Télécharger
a-a-p(freshmeat) A-A-P The goal for A-A-P is to make it easy to locate... Télécharger
bos(freshmeat) Broadcast Oracle SQL Broadcast Oracle SQL is a simple and powerful P... Télécharger
proctool(freshmeat) Asymptopia Linux Process Tool Asymptopia Linux Process Tool is a script which... Télécharger
mumabas(freshmeat) MumabAs MumabAs is a GUI for configuring which mailboxe... Télécharger
gpsmgr(freshmeat) GPS Manager GPS Manager is a GUI for organizing GPS data su... Télécharger
funprog(freshmeat) FunProg FunProg is Linux programmer software for the Fu... Télécharger
jed(freshmeat) jed Jed is a powerful editor, terminal and X11 inte... Télécharger
duali(freshmeat) Duali Duali, named after the legendary founder of the... Télécharger
ircmapc2(freshmeat) IrcMap C2 IRcMap C2 is a Java applet to show tree structu... Télécharger
javagroups(freshmeat) JavaGroups JavaGroups is a Java package for reliable group... Télécharger
ids(freshmeat) Image Display System IDS is a CGI written in Perl that generates a m... Télécharger
teapot(freshmeat) Teapot Teapot (Table Editor And Planner) is a 3D spre... Télécharger
weewm(freshmeat) WeeWM WeeWM (Wee Enhanced Environment) is a fast and ... Télécharger
doc2xml(freshmeat) doc2xml doc2xml converts Microsoft Word files to XML, w... Télécharger
remstats(freshmeat) remstats Remstats is a system of Perl scripts to collect... Télécharger
dnsqlpanel(freshmeat) dnSQLpanel dnSQLpanel is an easy to use control panel for ... Télécharger
ped-editor(freshmeat) |ped| |ped| is a console-based, portable text editor ... Télécharger
rexima(freshmeat) rexima rexima is a curses-based interactive mixer whic... Télécharger
ranquel(freshmeat) Ranquel Ranquel is a small Web server written in Perl. ... Télécharger
litestream(freshmeat) Litestream Litestream is a MP3 streaming server based on t... Télécharger

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