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getnews(freshmeat) GetNews GetNews is a program for getting news from a We... Télécharger
gnatsweb(freshmeat) Gnatsweb Gnatsweb is a Web interface to GNATS, the GNU ... Télécharger
uuturn(freshmeat) uuturn uuturn allows you to detect someone remotely lo... Télécharger
onager(freshmeat) Onager Onager is a PalmOS GUI for mldonkey. It uses th... Télécharger
charybdis(freshmeat) Charybdis Charybdis is an ircd used on various networks e... Télécharger
cascading_menu(freshmeat) PHP Cascading Menu Class The PHP Cascading Menu Class creates a cascadin... Télécharger
kflog(freshmeat) KFLog KFLog (The K Flight Logger) is an aircraft pilo... Télécharger
filecount(freshmeat) LightSword File Counter LightSword File Counter is a utility written us... Télécharger
python-stablesort(freshmeat) python-stablesort python-stablesort is an adaptive, stable, natur... Télécharger
uowebmap(freshmeat) UO Web Map UO Web Map is Web-based map over the different ... Télécharger
vyger(freshmeat) Vyger Vyger offers a D & D and Rogue-like environ... Télécharger
jsconsole(freshmeat) JS Console JS Console is a Mozilla extension for JavaScrip... Télécharger
mdsr(freshmeat) Monarch Dynamic Source Routing Monarch Dynamic Source Routing is the Rice Mona... Télécharger
tgen(freshmeat) tgen tgen generates a Web site from a collection of ... Télécharger
jftpgw(freshmeat) jftpgw jftpgw is a proxy server for the FTP protocol. ... Télécharger
jogl(freshmeat) JOGL JOGL is a reference implementation of the Java ... Télécharger
iowarrior(freshmeat) IOWarriorDriver IOWarriorDriver is a tool for accessing the IO... Télécharger
rat(freshmeat) Robust Audio Tool RAT is an RTP audio conferencing and streaming ... Télécharger
sdr(freshmeat) Session Directory Tool SDR is a session directory tool designed to all... Télécharger
ipfs(freshmeat) IPSquad Packages From Scratch IPFS (IPSquad Package From Source) is a system ... Télécharger
mlogger(freshmeat) MicroLogger MicroLogger is a small Java logger that feature... Télécharger
vwebedit(freshmeat) vwebedit vwebedit is a Web editor for a version-control... Télécharger
jadelib(freshmeat) J.A.D.E. J.A.D.E. is a Java library that provides the p... Télécharger
mzkey3(freshmeat) MZKey3 MZKey is a simple Java tool for encrypting and ... Télécharger
amandalogp(freshmeat) amandalogp amandalogp is a package whose goal is to facili... Télécharger
relate(freshmeat) Remote Language Teaching The ReLaTe (Remote Language Teaching) tool com... Télécharger
newsrc-care(freshmeat) newsrc-care newsrc-care is a set of scripts to manage your ... Télécharger
dbdesigner4mysql(freshmeat) DBDesigner 4 MySQL MySQL DBDesigner is a visual database design sy... Télécharger
e2retrieve(freshmeat) e2retrieve e2retrieve is an Ext2 data recovery tool that w... Télécharger
xpde(freshmeat) XPde XPde aims to recreate the Windows XP desktop e... Télécharger
victor1(freshmeat) Virtual Interaction Configuration Virtual Interaction Configuration is a set of c... Télécharger
imageviewer(freshmeat) ImageViewer ImageViewer is a small application which displa... Télécharger
gatormail(freshmeat) GatorMail GatorMail is a Java Servlet-based Webmail appli... Télécharger
mpio(freshmeat) MPIO Project The MPIO Project provides support for using Dig... Télécharger
thelinuxmemorygame(freshmeat) The Linux Memory Game The Linux Memory Game is an X11 game using GTK+... Télécharger
peeper(freshmeat) Peeper Peeper is a program to view an area of the scre... Télécharger
photom(freshmeat) photom photom is a collection of programs designed to ... Télécharger
knokiisync(freshmeat) KnokiiSync KnokiiSync is a KDE 3.1.x program that transfer... Télécharger
yasp(freshmeat) YASP YASP is a simple and open protocol for building... Télécharger
starfishx(freshmeat) StarfishX StarfishX is a Mac OS X native application whic... Télécharger
mypod(freshmeat) myPod myPod is a platform-independent program to mana... Télécharger
wtch(freshmeat) wtch wtch periodically runs a shell command COMMAND ... Télécharger
mydonkeylinks(freshmeat) MyDonkeyLinks MyDonkeyLinks is a set of PHP scripts to put ed... Télécharger
kmpio(freshmeat) kMPIO kMPIO provides a GUI interface to access Digita... Télécharger
zthread(freshmeat) ZThread ZThread is an advanced object-oriented threadin... Télécharger
gdancer(freshmeat) GDancer GDancer is a visualization plugin for XMMS whic... Télécharger
pungo-spell(freshmeat) Pungo Spell Pungo spell is an easy way to add a spell check... Télécharger
openancestry(freshmeat) OpenAncestry OpenAncestry is a genealogical management tool ... Télécharger
qvir(freshmeat) QVIR QVIR captures incoming email in a qmail system ... Télécharger
lwpl(freshmeat) LightWeightPoll LightWeightPoll is an easy to configure and use... Télécharger
frottle(freshmeat) frottle Frottle (Freenet throttle) is a project to cont... Télécharger
phx(freshmeat) PHX PHX is a thin PHP platform to develop modular W... Télécharger
tkgeomap(freshmeat) tkgeomap Tkgeomap is a set of extensions to the Tcl/Tk s... Télécharger
sbtmacosx(freshmeat) Stupid Blue Tanks StupidBlueTanks.app is a 2D shooter, featuring ... Télécharger
gclisp(freshmeat) GClisp GClisp was written to provide a easy way to wri... Télécharger
dbal(freshmeat) DBal DBal is a mailing list newsletter manager. It i... Télécharger
coweb(freshmeat) COWeb COWeb (Common Objects for Web) is a set of PHP ... Télécharger
strikeha(freshmeat) Strike HA Strike HA is a high availability system inspire... Télécharger
macs(freshmeat) Modular Access Control System Modular Access Control System (MACS) is a syste... Télécharger
sparkler(freshmeat) Sparkler Sparkler is a small program for X that generate... Télécharger
evbell(freshmeat) ev_bell ev_bell can call external programs when the Lin... Télécharger
bwidget(freshmeat) The BWidget Toolkit The BWidget Toolkit is a high-level widget set ... Télécharger
bpsbackup(freshmeat) bpsbackup bpsbackup is a tool to backup Nortel Networks B... Télécharger
rediff(freshmeat) rediff rediff is a diff format converter (from unified... Télécharger
aepro(freshmeat) AePro AePro is a compilation manager for programs wri... Télécharger
mindseye(freshmeat) MindsEye MindsEye is a project to develop a freely (in t... Télécharger
skipjackresponsecheck(freshmeat) SkipackResponse Check The SkipjackResponse Check class checks and val... Télécharger
sp(freshmeat) ScreenPlay Screenplay lets you write your screenplays in a... Télécharger
any-to-any(freshmeat) translate-docformat translate-docformat is a command-line front end... Télécharger
simplet(freshmeat) SimpleT SimpleT reclaims PHP as a template engine, allo... Télécharger
popbsmtpd(freshmeat) POP-Before-SMTP Relay Authorization Daemon popbsmtpd watches syslog for successful POP and... Télécharger
qtagistudio(freshmeat) QT AGI Studio QT AGI Studio, formerly known as Linux AGI Stud... Télécharger
tupleware(freshmeat) Tupleware Tupleware facilitates reading in of relational ... Télécharger
socrates-qe(freshmeat) Socrates Questionnaire Engine Socrates is a Java based questionnaire and surv... Télécharger
xchatruby(freshmeat) XChat-Ruby XChat-Ruby is a plugin for the XChat IRC client... Télécharger
ndsforj2me1_1linux(freshmeat) Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME The Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME is an app... Télécharger
xreporter(freshmeat) xReporter xReporter is a Web-based database reporting fra... Télécharger
mamo(freshmeat) MakeModules MakeModules (mamo) consists of a collection of ... Télécharger
distributorlb(freshmeat) Distributor load balancer Distributor is a software TCP load balancer. Li... Télécharger
alana(freshmeat) Alana Alana is a highly responsive Turing Machine sim... Télécharger
trinux(freshmeat) Trinux Trinux is a minimal Linux distribution that boo... Télécharger
bookmark4u(freshmeat) Bookmark4U Bookmark4U provides you a comfortable bookmark... Télécharger
bastard(freshmeat) The bastard disassembler The bastard disassembler is a disassembler writ... Télécharger
sidb(freshmeat) Scientific Image Database SIDB (Scientific Image Database) is a Web-drive... Télécharger
vproftpd(freshmeat) Virtual ProFTPD Control Virtual ProFTPD Control creates, deletes, and m... Télécharger
sge(freshmeat) SGE SGE is a graphics library for the Simple Direct... Télécharger
freepia(freshmeat) freepia Freepia is small GNU/Linux distribution designe... Télécharger
madrona(freshmeat) Madrona Madrona builds on the Django Web framework and ... Télécharger
python-crack(freshmeat) python-crack python-crack is a module that provides to Pytho... Télécharger
defender(freshmeat) Defend the Kingdom Defend The Kingdom, or Defender for short, is a... Télécharger
mharc(freshmeat) mharc mharc is a collection of scripts for generating... Télécharger
junfa(freshmeat) JunFa JunFa is a chinese chess engine compliant with ... Télécharger
sfutils(freshmeat) SourceForge Utilities The SourceForge Utilities project provides prog... Télécharger
imgleech(freshmeat) Image Leech Image Leech is an automated image downloading p... Télécharger
nrh-up2date(freshmeat) NRH-up2date NRH-up2date provides a generic, easy-to-use ser... Télécharger
xass(freshmeat) X Application Server System X Application Server System (XASS) allows for t... Télécharger
devwiki(freshmeat) DevWiki DevWiki is Java servlet-based implementation o... Télécharger
quikkopy(freshmeat) QuikKopy QuikKopy is a command-line utility which copies... Télécharger
python-xmltv(freshmeat) python-xmltv python-xmltv is a Python module that provides ... Télécharger
sasacct(freshmeat) SAS's Accounting Statistics Sasacct fetches traffic stats via ipchains, ipf... Télécharger

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