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ccdoc(freshmeat) ccdoc Ccdoc is a Javadoc-inspired tool that automatic... Télécharger
pyqstat(freshmeat) PyQStat PyQStat is a fairly simple Python wrapper aroun... Télécharger
frog3d(freshmeat) frog3d frog3D is a simple 3DS file viewer. It is writt... Télécharger
tpassguard(freshmeat) TPassguard TPassguard is designed for working with Unix s... Télécharger
jwig(freshmeat) JWIG The JWIG programming language is a Java-based h... Télécharger
kuvert(freshmeat) kuvert kuvert automatically signs and/or encrypts outg... Télécharger
dbot(freshmeat) Dekadent Dekadent is an IRC bot coded in C. It features ... Télécharger
redhttpd(freshmeat) RedHTTPD Web Server RedHTTPD is a webserver that is not yet designe... Télécharger
pgfindfile(freshmeat) PostgreSQL File Finder PostgreSQL File Finder is an alternative to the... Télécharger
javachess(freshmeat) Java-Chess Java-Chess is a fully-featured chess program t... Télécharger
trio(freshmeat) trio Trio is a highly portable set of string functio... Télécharger
gql(freshmeat) GQL GQL is a C++ library for generic SQL database a... Télécharger
cygnome(freshmeat) CyGNOME CyGNOME is a project to port the GNOME desktop ... Télécharger
rdfworld_php(freshmeat) Rdfworld.php Rdfworld.php is a set of classes which convert ... Télécharger
javacodemaker(freshmeat) Java Code Generator Java Code Generator is an Eclipse plugin that ... Télécharger
smelt(freshmeat) SMELT SMELT (Simple Monitoring Evaluating and Logging... Télécharger
plb(freshmeat) Pure Load Balancer Pure Load Balancer is a high-performance softwa... Télécharger
mobimoon(freshmeat) MobiMoon MobiMoon can display the moon phase and Hijri d... Télécharger
vtsystem(freshmeat) VTek System VTek System (formerly Virtual Theatre System) i... Télécharger
tk500(freshmeat) tk500 tk500 is a multiplatform programming and clonin... Télécharger
nms(freshmeat) Notes Mail Statistics Notes Mail Statistics generates email usage rep... Télécharger
ecrm(freshmeat) eCrm eCRM is not an ordinary mailing list manager or... Télécharger
keystory(freshmeat) keystory keystory, by analyzing email history, gathers d... Télécharger
adeos4linux(freshmeat) Adeos nanokernel for Linux The purpose of Adeos is to provide a flexible e... Télécharger
ttr(freshmeat) Text Text Revolution Text Text Revolution is a text-based Dance Danc... Télécharger
sks(freshmeat) Synchronizing Key Server SKS (Synchronizing Key Server) is a full-featur... Télécharger
pathcalc(freshmeat) RF Path calculator RF Path Calculator helps calculate path attenua... Télécharger
i-spy(freshmeat) I-Spy I-Spy grabs and compares contents of FTP direct... Télécharger
facturier2(freshmeat) UNGI Facturier UNGI Facturier is a business management system... Télécharger
phpslash(freshmeat) phpSlash phpSlash is a port of the slash-0.2 code from P... Télécharger
phpwirelessmap(freshmeat) phpWirelessMap phpWirelessMap is a map system for a wireless c... Télécharger
mops_model_checking(freshmeat) MOdelchecking Programs for Security MOPS (MOdelchecking Programs for Security) is a... Télécharger
img2pdf(freshmeat) img2pdf img2pdf is a simple commandline utility to conv... Télécharger
openjgraph(freshmeat) OpenJGraph OpenJGraph is a Java library to create and mani... Télécharger
quoter_sgml(freshmeat) Quoter SGML Quoter is a simple tool (filter) that takes HTM... Télécharger
jnaphunter(freshmeat) JNapHunter JNapHunter, a GUI written in Java, retrieves th... Télécharger
djborg(freshmeat) DJBorg DJBorg turns your MP3 playlist into a personali... Télécharger
sd2xc(freshmeat) StarDock to XCursor StarDock to XCursor convertss StarDock CursorX... Télécharger
cheyenne(freshmeat) Cheyenne Weblog Cheyenne Weblog implements some of the standard... Télécharger
macmp3gain(freshmeat) MacMP3Gain MacMP3Gain is an AppleScript Studio application... Télécharger
p2z(freshmeat) P2Z P2Z converts Palm Memo, ToDo, Addressbook, and ... Télécharger
toolame(freshmeat) toolame Toolame is an optimized MPEG-1/2 Layer II audio... Télécharger
rcc(freshmeat) rcc RC is a dialect of C that adds safe, region-bas... Télécharger
blinkperl(freshmeat) blinkperl blinkperl is a telnet server (written in Perl) ... Télécharger
loopbackup(freshmeat) backup by loop loop backup is a bash script for automatic and ... Télécharger
kfli4l(freshmeat) KFli4L KFli4L is a control panel for the Linux floppy ... Télécharger
vdr2dvd(freshmeat) vdr2dvd.pl vdr2dvd is a simple script, handling all needed... Télécharger
powa(freshmeat) POWA POWA intends to be an all-in-one program to ope... Télécharger
parasol(freshmeat) PARASOL PARASOL is a C library for writing simulations ... Télécharger
libperceptronnetwork(freshmeat) libperceptronnetwork libperceptronnetwork is a library that models a... Télécharger
mp3catgbuilder(freshmeat) Mp3CatgBuilder Mp3CatgBuilder is a script that can be used to ... Télécharger
livetools(freshmeat) livetools livetools is a suite of small utilities to help... Télécharger
libtar(freshmeat) libtar libtar is a C library for manipulating tar arch... Télécharger
python-evas(freshmeat) python-evas python-evas is a set of object-oriented Python ... Télécharger
xoranalyze(freshmeat) XOR Analyze XOR-analyze is a program for cryptanalyzing (br... Télécharger
procbuilder(freshmeat) ProcBuilder ProcBuilder is a basic Web interface to creatin... Télécharger
glights(freshmeat) glights glights is a program that allows you to control... Télécharger
rscheme(freshmeat) RScheme RScheme is an object-oriented, extended Scheme ... Télécharger
pptp_gui(freshmeat) PPTP_GUI PPTP_GUI is a graphical interface to the existi... Télécharger
linuxwirelesslanproject(freshmeat) Linux Wireless LAN Project The goal of the Linux WLAN project is to develo... Télécharger
apache-centipaid(freshmeat) Apache::Centipaid Apache::Centipaid is an Apache add-on module th... Télécharger
simpledi(freshmeat) SimPlEdi SimPlEdi is a Web-based editor for MP3 playlist... Télécharger
mod_auth_ldap(freshmeat) mod_auth_ldap The mod_auth_ldap module allows Apache to authe... Télécharger
privateradio(freshmeat) PrivateRadio PrivateRadio is a network jukebox player, coll... Télécharger
hdl2html(freshmeat) HDL to HTML conversion script The HDL to HTML conversion script converts eith... Télécharger
xmmsstatusplugin(freshmeat) XMMS status plugin The XMMS status plugin provides a monitor for t... Télécharger
osxcontrol(freshmeat) OSX Control OSXControl allows you to shut down, reset or pu... Télécharger
waif(freshmeat) Waif Waif is a console audio unfrontend. That means ... Télécharger
mailfront(freshmeat) mailfront mailfront is a set of customizeable network pro... Télécharger
twoftpd(freshmeat) TwoFTPd Twoftpd is an FTP server that strives to be sec... Télécharger
jmame(freshmeat) jmame jmame is a Java-based frontend to XMAME. It use... Télécharger
dnsmoduleforaolserver(freshmeat) DNS Module for AOLserver DNS Module for AOLserver is a module that imple... Télécharger
arccc(freshmeat) Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler The Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler uses con... Télécharger
ptommi(freshmeat) PTOMMI PTOMMI is a package of Python scripts and modul... Télécharger
crisoftricette(freshmeat) CrisoftRicette CrisoftRicette is a simple PHP application to b... Télécharger
ftpsync(freshmeat) ftpsync ftpsync is a tool that allows updates to be in... Télécharger
xlab(freshmeat) xlab Xlab is a tool to automate any X application, b... Télécharger
osd_mail(freshmeat) OSD Mail osd_mail watches a defined set of mail boxes fo... Télécharger
gkaraoke(freshmeat) GKaraoke GKaraoke is a Karaoke simulator for GNOME that ... Télécharger
omsview(freshmeat) omsview omsview is a GTK+ turn viewer for a play-by-ema... Télécharger
schweasel(freshmeat) Schweasel Schweasel is a platform-independent text shell ... Télécharger
xmlrpcpp(freshmeat) XmlRpc++ XmlRpc++ is an implementation of the XML-RPC pr... Télécharger
sinstall(freshmeat) Source INSTALLer Sinstall (Source INSTALLer) is a flexible sourc... Télécharger
ifoinfo(freshmeat) ifoinfo ifoinfo is a small tool that uses libdvdread to... Télécharger
looperdb(freshmeat) LooperDB LooperDB is a secure, multithreaded alert datab... Télécharger
mrxramdisk(freshmeat) MRX Ramdisk MRX Ramdisk is a simple ramdisk creation tool. ... Télécharger
kmc(freshmeat) kmc Kmc aims to be a MUD client that is easy to use... Télécharger
jphoneinfo(freshmeat) j phone info jphoneinfo is a simple J2ME-compliant utility t... Télécharger
launch_app(freshmeat) Launch.app Launch.app is a small program for executing app... Télécharger
packetexcalibur(freshmeat) Packet Excalibur Packet Excalibur is a multi-platform graphical ... Télécharger
lacy(freshmeat) lacy lacy is a conversion tool that changes Latin le... Télécharger
connect(freshmeat) Connect Connect is a GNUstep frontend to pppd. Télécharger
katie(freshmeat) Katie Katie is a revision control system, somewhat li... Télécharger
rythmaidgui(freshmeat) Ryth(M)Aid + GUI Ryth(M)Aid + GUI generates a drum, bass, and pi... Télécharger
coin_soqt(freshmeat) SoQt SoQt is a GUI toolkit for using Coin/Open Inven... Télécharger
dctviewer(freshmeat) DCTViewer DCTViewer is a robust Web-based solution for di... Télécharger
airfart(freshmeat) Airfart AirFart is a wireless tool created to detect wi... Télécharger
libcomprex(freshmeat) libcomprex The libcomprex library transparently handles au... Télécharger
mini-pub(freshmeat) mini-pub mini-Pub is a Web publisher that does not acces... Télécharger
reattore(freshmeat) Reattore HTTP Server Reattore is an HTTP server that uses the NIO fe... Télécharger

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