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startrekencyreader(freshmeat) star trek ency reader ency reads the data file(s) from the Star Trek ... Télécharger
eurobudget(freshmeat) EuroBudget Eurobudget is a personal accounting tool, simi... Télécharger
regame(freshmeat) regame regame is a simple game where you have to sort ... Télécharger
xmlizer(freshmeat) xmlizer configurator/server xmlizer configurator/server is a client/server ... Télécharger
scriptbasic(freshmeat) ScriptBasic ScriptBasic is an interpreter for the old langu... Télécharger
atalk(freshmeat) atalk atalk is a little chat server and client, both ... Télécharger
mycdcatalog(freshmeat) My CD Catalog My CD Catalog reads a CDROM volume, traverses t... Télécharger
astrodss(freshmeat) Astro::DSS Module Astro::DSS Module is an object orientated Perl ... Télécharger
netplugd(freshmeat) netplugd netplugd monitors one or more network interface... Télécharger
tagbk(freshmeat) tagbk tagbk is a tool that rearranges XBEL bookmark f... Télécharger
webmail(freshmeat) WebMail WebMail is a WWW mail application that allows u... Télécharger
afinger(freshmeat) Auxio Finger afinger is a configurable finger client, writte... Télécharger
bannerfish(freshmeat) Bannerfish Bannerfish is a small, simple banner ad server.... Télécharger
qtetris(freshmeat) TETRIS Queen TETRIS Queen is a Tetris clone with a "des... Télécharger
coreapm(freshmeat) CORE Advanced Project Manager CORE Advanced Project Manager is a Web based to... Télécharger
ptarmigan(freshmeat) Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML is a SAX event ... Télécharger
tcbnet(freshmeat) Treecast Batch Network The Treecast Batch Network project aims to crea... Télécharger
pdns-dev(freshmeat) PowerDNS Backend Development Kit PowerDNS Backend Development Kit allows a devel... Télécharger
xnetload(freshmeat) xnetload Xnetload displays packet traffic and uptime in ... Télécharger
wmspaceclock(freshmeat) wmspaceclock wmspaceclock (or spaceclock for short) is an an... Télécharger
cm2(freshmeat) cm cm is a flexible mail checking utility that can... Télécharger
perlmudclient(freshmeat) Perl MUD Client pmc (Perl MUD Client) is a text-based MUD clien... Télécharger
archiver(freshmeat) Netfarm Mail Archiver Netfarm is a mail filter written in Python that... Télécharger
unserding(freshmeat) unserding unserding is a simple pub-sub messaging library... Télécharger
wuffsmoviedb(freshmeat) Wuff's MovieDB Wuff's MovieDB (WMDB) is a MySQL database with ... Télécharger
libdbx(freshmeat) LibDBX LibDBX, part of the ol2mbox project, contains C... Télécharger
crm(freshmeat) CRM CRM is a very powerful filtering and mutilation... Télécharger
fpt(freshmeat) filebase php tools filebase php tools is a nice and configurable D... Télécharger
blogmax(freshmeat) BlogMax BlogMax makes it easy to use Emacs to maintain ... Télécharger
wapdict(freshmeat) WapDict WapDict is a WAP frontend for dictd server. It ... Télécharger
nekit(freshmeat) Nekit Applet Nekit Applet is a HTML editor Java applet which... Télécharger
cser(freshmeat) CSer CSer is a library for C++ serialization, also c... Télécharger
sethi_darvas_plotter(freshmeat) Sethi Family's Darvas Box Plotter Sethi Family's Darvas Box Plotter plots Darvas ... Télécharger
kobodl(freshmeat) Kobo Deluxe Kobo Deluxe is an enhanced version of Akira Hig... Télécharger
cvswc(freshmeat) CVS Web Client CVS Web Client uses the original CVS backend. ... Télécharger
net-cam(freshmeat) Net-Cam Net-Cam is a free alternative to IP video surve... Télécharger
webnotes(freshmeat) phpWebNotes phpWebNotes is a PHP/MySQL-based Web annotation... Télécharger
gnome-chord(freshmeat) gnome-chord gnome-chord is a guitar chord index that displa... Télécharger
phpxpath(freshmeat) Php.XPath phpXML is a PHP class for accessing XML documen... Télécharger
gtksilver(freshmeat) GtkSilver Silver is a small GTK application which will d... Télécharger
bgpd(freshmeat) bgpd.pl bgpd.pl is a partial implementation of the BGP ... Télécharger
gmandel(freshmeat) gmandel Gmandel is a program for exploring intricate a... Télécharger
setihomeplugin(freshmeat) SETI@home GKrellM plugin The SETI@home gkrellm plugin shows the current ... Télécharger
hme(freshmeat) Height Map Editor Height Map Editor edits, generates, and manipu... Télécharger
r2tech-eclipse-antview(freshmeat) Eclipse AntView Plugin AntView is an eclipse plug-in to run Ant build ... Télécharger
sidiberner(freshmeat) SiDiBerner Sidiburner is a CD burner tool using Open Kylix... Télécharger
aim2irc(freshmeat) aim2irc aim2irc lets you control an IRC session from yo... Télécharger
htmltmpl-java(freshmeat) HTML.Template HTML.Template is a Java package that lets you u... Télécharger
datamanagement(freshmeat) MySQLDataManagement MySQLDataManagement is a set of PHP scripts to ... Télécharger
geniustrader(freshmeat) GeniusTrader GeniusTrader aims to be a full featured toolbox... Télécharger
bubblegum(freshmeat) bubblegum Bubblegum is a daemon written in C which watche... Télécharger
xiqual(freshmeat) Xiqual Xiqual is a collection of frequently used funct... Télécharger
webgift(freshmeat) WebgiFT WebgiFT is a Web based frontend to giFT, a file... Télécharger
universephpextension(freshmeat) Universe PHP extension Universe is an extension to PHP to allow CORBA ... Télécharger
preferences(freshmeat) Preferences.app Preferences.app is, functionally, a clone of Ne... Télécharger
readyexec(freshmeat) ReadyExec ReadyExec is a client-server system designed to... Télécharger
ecasound_el(freshmeat) ecasound.el ecasound.el is an interface to ecasound from wi... Télécharger
kpsk(freshmeat) KPSK KPSK is a PSK31 digital radio communications ap... Télécharger
balloonchase(freshmeat) Balloon Chase Balloon Chase is a game where you fly a hot ai... Télécharger
momoko(freshmeat) Momoko Momoko is a generic, object-oriented, modular, ... Télécharger
probstat(freshmeat) Probability and Statistics for Python This project is a fast C implementation of vari... Télécharger
libsock(freshmeat) Raw Socket Library Raw Socket Library provides a simple mechanism ... Télécharger
phat(freshmeat) PHAT PHAT is a browser-based network management sol... Télécharger
echoping(freshmeat) echoping echoping is a small program to approximatively ... Télécharger
bl0g(freshmeat) bl0g bl0g is a Hebrew PHP/MySQL system designed to r... Télécharger
vlms(freshmeat) VideoLAN::MiniServer The VideoLAN MiniServer (vlms) is a streaming s... Télécharger
py-toc(freshmeat) Py-TOC Py-TOC is a Python module for programming autom... Télécharger
snortcon(freshmeat) Snortcon SnortCon is a Web based utility that provides a... Télécharger
wizardrms(freshmeat) WizardRMS WizardRMS is a collection of Perl CGI scripts f... Télécharger
board-tnk(freshmeat) board-tnk board-tnk is a discussion board written in PHP ... Télécharger
jfetch(freshmeat) JFetch JFetch is an application to download your email... Télécharger
cabber(freshmeat) Cabber Cabber is a console Jabber client. Télécharger
ratemask(freshmeat) ratemask ratemask is a small program that will make it e... Télécharger
pbslogs2mysql(freshmeat) pbslogs2mysql pbslogs2mysql is a short Perl script to read ac... Télécharger
openmdv(freshmeat) OpenMDV OpenMDV (MetaData Visualization) is a Web-based... Télécharger
tear(freshmeat) T.E.A.R. T.E.A.R. (pronounced Tair) is a console-based f... Télécharger
pgdesigner(freshmeat) PGDesigner PGDesigner is a simple data modelling tool for ... Télécharger
mowie(freshmeat) Mowie Mowie is an interactive, graphical netstat that... Télécharger
fakeidentd(freshmeat) fake identd fake identd is an ident daemon suitable for fir... Télécharger
pyrip(freshmeat) pyrip pyrip provides a Python module named "rip&... Télécharger
kolorizer(freshmeat) Kolorizer Kolorizer is a KDE application which makes it e... Télécharger
dal_dice(freshmeat) Java Dice-Rolling Package Java Dice-Rolling Package parses dice-rolling e... Télécharger
pdoc(freshmeat) pdoc Pdoc is a Perl library which provides a number ... Télécharger
audio-daemon(freshmeat) Audio-Daemon Audio Daemon is a Perl module to daemonize vari... Télécharger
homebrewdecompiler(freshmeat) Homebrew Decompiler Homebrew Decompiler is a GPLed tool (written in... Télécharger
soffic(freshmeat) Secure On-the-Fly File Integrity Checker SOFFIC is a Linux kernel patch that provides fi... Télécharger
zauruskeyring(freshmeat) Keyring Keyring is an application for the Qtopia palmto... Télécharger
commons-cli(freshmeat) Jakarta Commons CLI Jakarta Commons CLI provides an API to create r... Télécharger
scannerdamon(freshmeat) OpenAntivirus ScannerDaemon ScannerDaemon is the virus scanner of the OpenA... Télécharger
jcm(freshmeat) Java Conduit Manager The Java Conduit Manager is a Java application ... Télécharger
i740fb(freshmeat) i740 Linux framebuffer driver This project is a Linux framebuffer driver for ... Télécharger
gtivo(freshmeat) gtivo gtivo is a Gtk/GNOME utility for displaying the... Télécharger
staticcharge-gtk(freshmeat) StaticCharge GTK StaticCharge GTK is a front-end that allows you... Télécharger
jazzy(freshmeat) Jazzy - Java spell checker API Jazzy is a Java spell checker based on the algo... Télécharger
microsieve(freshmeat) Microbrew MicroSieve Microbrew MicroSieve is designed to be a high s... Télécharger
asmix(freshmeat) asmix This tool displays a volume knob on a ground pl... Télécharger
constraint(freshmeat) constraint The constraint package is a constraint satisfac... Télécharger
emphetamine(freshmeat) Emphetamine Emphetamine is an extensible download manager f... Télécharger
javarg(freshmeat) JavaRG JavaRG is a set of geometric classes and method... Télécharger
ymusk(freshmeat) ymusk ymusk stands for Yenzie's Mush Klient. It is a ... Télécharger

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